What Qualifies As a Cheap Wedding Gown?

You will often see the moniker “cheap wedding gown”. Just what’s considered a cheap wedding gown, and are they bad dresses all the time, sometimes, or not at all?

Cheap wedding gowns start with price. Basically, a gown can be anything that costs $1,000 or less. That may seem high still, but it depends on the dress, the designer, and where you’re buying it from. For instance, if your purchasing a Vera Wang wedding gown that’s 5 years old and it costs you $1,000, whereas buying one new would have cost you $3,800, then by definition that’s a cheap wedding gown. It’s still quality, but it’s obviously not new anymore, and may have had more than one owner, so it has lost some of its value.

The next thing to consider for cheap wedding gowns are the materials used to make them. There are plenty of knockoff wedding gowns that follow the patterns of top designers that might be made of materials that aren’t of the same quality that the big designers will use. Maybe instead of silk organza a wedding dress is made of some type of cotton or even satin. Maybe the embroidery isn’t all that fancy. Or maybe someone has used beads instead of Swarovski crystals. These types of things would make the dresses cheaper, but not necessarily bad, worthless dresses. They would still look fabulous; they would just cost a lot less.

Something else that helps create cheap wedding gowns is that some designers contract with shops and stores to create multiple copies of lesser designs, which brings the price down. This allows for someone to be able to say they have a designer dress without having to pay top price for it. Most customers know these aren’t the top of the line dresses, especially if they’re brand new, because today’s savvy customer has looked online and seen the top designs on their favorite designer’s websites. But they’re still happy to have a dress that followed the pattern of a top designer.

Overall, cheap doesn’t always mean badly made. Of course there are some badly made dresses, but you won’t usually find those on discount wedding dress sites. Where you’ll find those dresses are at sites where someone offers to make a designer dress for under $400 based on a designer’s pattern. To make a profit, they may skip steps, including complete stitching to make sure the dresses are reinforced.

How to Find a Cheap Wedding Gown

When planning a wedding you know that you have a wedding gown budget that is probably higher than you want it to be. The Wedding dress is one of the biggest expenses that you will have next to the catering bill or the venue expense. But there are some cheap ways that you can get around this.

You can shop at larger department stores sometimes they will have a wedding department that will have a nice selection of dresses and gowns, they usually even carry mother of the bride dresses and bridesmaid dresses. You can save a substantial amount of money shopping at these stores if you can find a dress that you like there.  

If you prefer bridal shops and stores you can sometimes catch a sale that will reduce the items and make it within your budget and save you money that way. Check the stores frequently for their sales, and talk to the clerks to see when they have sales. You would be able to get a great deal here if you can catch the sales.  

You can get a used dress at places like eBay, Craigslist and your local newspaper ads. The problem with this is that you will have a harder time finding your size and finding an outfit that you like.   Thrift stores will also have a selection that you can choose from. They don’t always have a selection to choose from but sometimes you can find a fabulous dress for next to nothing. If you are looking for a vintage wedding gown, this is a place that you will want to look into.  

You don’t have to pay full price for a gown if you start early and shop around to find the best deal.

Very Cheap Wedding Gowns – Secrets Sources That Bridal Shops Hope You Never Find Out About

If you are looking for very cheap wedding gowns but still want a first quality dress then here are the secrets to getting a drop dead gorgeous wedding dress at a ridiculously cheap price.

It’s an unfortunate fact, excessive mark-ups are the reality of any product or service related to the wedding industry. But when you have the right ‘insider” information you can take control of the situation and get a wedding gown just like the ones you see in the pages of the top magazines or at any bridal expo or trunk show at a price that you can afford.

The reality of the wedding dress industry is this–over 87% of wedding dresses today are made in China. Many of the top designers use factories in China to produce their gowns. Why? Because labor is cheaper there and yes, there are more garment manufacturers in China then anywhere else right now. Also, there are many skilled seamstresses and tailors in China, a skill that is slowly disappearing in the states and in other counties

So chances are good that that dress you have had your eye on with a few exceptions, was made in China. In some cases like on eBay, you can get your wedding dress directly from a Chinese supplier. Sometimes a very risky move, but before you do that there is a better way.

The best way to get very cheap wedding gowns is to find a wholesaler that has a working knowledge with a reputable wedding gown supplier(s) in china. Usually you can find deeply discounted gowns like this online. An online wholesaler doesn’t have the overhead that a bridal shop has because they don’t have to pay the high costs that come with having a storefront. Now he or she can pass those savings directly to the customer.

A reputable online wedding dress wholesaler will have a strong knowledge of wedding gowns, how they are made and should be concerned with quality above everything else. But most importantly that wholesaler is assuming the risk for you. Rather than buying direct from the manufacturer, the reputable wholesaler puts their reputation and money on the line when you purchase your wedding dress from them.

One thing that you should always watch out for when looking for very cheap wedding gowns are the pictures of the bridal dresses themselves. If they are pictures of gowns that you’ve seen in magazines or ads, then be careful. Look for pictures of the “actual gowns themselves”. You want to see something that has already been made. They are not always as glamorous as that dress that’s on that highly paid model, but at least you will know what you are getting.

See if you can get close-up photos of detailing. This is a true sign that the wholesaler puts quality first. Look at the beading, is it hand sewn? The majority of the detailing should always be hand sewn. Sometimes glue is necessary, but only in certain circumstances. Look at the fineness of embellishments and embroidery as well.

Don’t let the prices throw you, just because you are getting very cheap wedding gowns doesn’t necessarily mean that you gown won’t be 1st Quality. Remember the mark up on wedding gowns can sometimes be 500%. It’s outrageous. But the key to finding a reputable wedding gown wholesaler is to find one that is willing to give you a solid return policy. As long as that is in place, then you will be amazed at the quality you can get at a price that you can afford.

Finding a good wedding gown wholesaler is the difference between getting very cheap wedding gowns that are cheaply made or finding that one gorgeous well made gown at a bargain price. Now you can look like you spent $2,000 on your bridal gown when in all actuality, you maybe spent $299!

Bargain Wedding Dresses: Cheap Online Wedding Dress Buyer’s Guide

If you think that bargain wedding dresses bought online can’t be flattering and that they all suffer from being shapeless and ugly then you’re really far off the mark!

You don’t need to spend big on a designer dress in order to get a wedding dress that’ll make you look amazing; in fact cheaper dresses from online vendors are forever improving in quality.

Let’s look at what kinds of dresses an online store needs in order to offer a flattering selection and tips you should follow:

What Should An Online Bargain Wedding Dress Store Have?

A reputable online wedding dress store should offer a range of dresses of different styles. Each of these styles has individual characteristics and suits a certain body shape. The wedding dress styles you need to look for are Empire, A-line, Ball gown, Mermaid and Sheath.

Online stores are generally ALWAYS cheaper than boutiques in town and you’ll be looking for a price of around 250 dollars or less for the dresses to really be classed as bargain wedding dresses. Luckily, this is easily achievable online, even for custom made dresses.

Remember, it’s your wedding, so you shouldn’t take any chances. Here are some things you can do to make your life much easier:

You need to prepare a few things BEFORE you even log on to the store.

Be sure of your body shape- It’s pretty easy to know your body shape. Check what your widest point is. For instance, if it’s your hips then you’re probably a pear-shape which is the most common shape. Check online videos or a search engine to get an idea. Then when you know your body shape you can be sure to choose a flattering dress (we’ll look into this next).

Research which dress style would suit you-Each style will roughly suit different shapes:

Empire – suits pear and apple shapes and can hide tummies and big bums.

A – Line – suits all shapes and can hide tummies and big bums, but is also good for giving balance to broad-shouldered girls.

Ball gown – suits most shapes except really petite girls who can be swamped by them.

Mermaid – great for slim girls who don’t have many natural curves as it will give some curves.

Sheath – good for slimmer shapes and petite girls, but avoid if you’re curvy.

Take your own measurements – don’t buy a standard size wedding dress online, always go for custom size. Think about it, your wedding is so important that you don’t want any slip-ups. If you needed to buy a dress that you can’t try on in advance, then if it is made to your size you’re maximizing the chance of there being no problems. In this way you’re actually helping yourself and the store.

So you’ve got all of the information and you’re ready to order. Good news! One last point though. Don’t be scared to ask for the store to send you a picture of the dress before they ship it. If they’re reputable they will, and this will let you check if it’s everything you wanted it to be before it makes its way to you.