Gorgeous Wedding Dress Trends of 2010

It’s that time! Choosing your wedding dress is so important, and it is vital that you find the right dress for you. This year we have a whole mixture of wedding dress styles from different eras and cultures. Some of the styles are familiar, and some of them are just emerging onto the scene. Here is what’s popular for 2010.

Silhouettes. These dresses hug the body tightly, and give you the chance to show off those curves. The silhouettes have been all-the-rage for years now, and their popularity doesn’t seem to be dying down. If you have the tall, slim, hourglass figure, this dress is great for you.

Similar to the silhouettes are the mermaid dresses. For years now, the mermaid dress has been popular for proms. They look just as amazing in white. The mermaid dress follows the tightly fitted fad, but instead, the skirt fans out from the bottom of the dress, adding a little bit of original flavor that’s ideal for the woman who really wants to stand out.

The ballgown style wedding dress is more traditional than average, but it never gets old. This dress is the quintessential example of the wedding dress, and will never cease to be adored. You will be able to show off the shape that you want, hide the things that you don’t want, and experience the royal feeling that every woman desires.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The 50’s were spectacular, and this year we are bringing back the belted waists and frills. These dresses are perfect for outdoor weddings as with many of these dresses, the skirt is not overly long. Whether you want the pixie look, or the very elegant, traditional look, the 50’s dresses come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so it shouldn’t be difficult finding the one that you love.

Along with the 1950’s influence, comes the tea-length dress. This dress looks great with a few accessories. A bow or even a belt works very nicely with this dress. The skirt also falls just below the knee, giving you the chance to show off some great shoes!

Grecian goddess dresses can make you seem wise beyond your years. This dress is perfect for a tall woman. It often has the large cut-out at the back of the dress, and is usually accompanied by a series of thin straps. The dress is usually very lightweight, but is often heavily layered with some asymmetry here and there, creating a little tension and disorganization.

Take these gorgeous trends into consideration when searching for the perfect wedding gown. Chances are that women will be turning to these styles within the next couple of years, so we want to be ahead of the game. It’s your special day, and you don’t want to look back and regret picking the wrong dress. Look everywhere that you possibly can so when you find a great dress, you will know it’s the right one.