My Quick And Easy List Of Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas

In a previous article I mentioned that you could Google just about anywhere and get a list cheap wedding ideas. Well this is one of those articles and one of those lists. I will write the first 10 things that come to my head (which probably means I think about them the most). I will add to them later, but for now here is my quick and easy list of cheap wedding reception ideas, brainstorming style!

  1. avoid buying things labeled as “wedding”. As an example “wedding private dance lessons” could be $200 per hour. But go to a ballroom studio for “ballroom private lessons” and you may only pay $80 to $100. That’s a 50% discount. If you are able to apply that to EVERYTHING then your wedding budget just got cut in half.
  2. shop for flowers in season. Avoid costly flowers not in season
  3. keep it simple. cakes, wedding dresses, wedding favors.
  4. simplify your menu. Eliminating a course or a choice can trim a bit. People will remember more how good the food tastes then what was actually served. Quality over quantity. So you may not want the steak or shrimp over chicken. (GO TO FOOD TASTINGS!)
  5. borrow or barter. can you borrow a fancy sports car for transportation? if you own your own business (like website design) can you barter with a wedding vendor?
  6. Google “wholesale”. wholesale flowers, wholesale wedding favors, wholesale florists to go for cheap wedding flowers.
  7. book a year or more in advance. You can nail down this year’s prices for next year’s wedding
  8. buy online, especially at eBay
  9. buy last season’s dress (April-May or October-November) which should be a cheap wedding dress compared to this year’s models
  10. booking off-season
  11. booking off-day (not Saturday)
  12. booking off-time (not evening). Some of my friends hold Saturday brunch weddings. With the right elegant setting it can be quite fabulous!
  13. for your photographer, get the negatives or cd of original images, no need to purchase prints or photo books. If you’re going to cut costs on your photographer, better to pay for high quality originals with no photos then lower quality originals and lots of prints.
  14. buy a non-wedding cake that is three layers instead of a “wedding” cake
  15. donate and write off (flowers, dresses, musicians who are non-profit, churches that are non-profit, venues that are non-profit)

Okay I lied and went to fifteen cheap wedding reception ideas instead of the previously mentioned ten. I will write some more in the future.

The final idea, because I think it is just darn awesome, is from Erica Yoon’s Amazing Wedding Planning. And it has to do with the honeymoon:

“If you want a fun, exciting and cheap honeymoon, go to Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’ve heard about all the cheap gourmet food and services, I can tell you that it’s true. I happen to live just outside of Las Vegas, and it has so many gourmet foods and services that I love to jump in the car and hit the buffets for dinner.”

If you think about it, it’s not a bad idea. You are saving money on your honeymoon which frees up some money for the budget.

I hope you got a lot out of these cheap wedding reception ideas, and that you were able to take at least one of them away to save you some money!

Congratulations and happy wedding planning!