The Trends of Wedding Dresses 2011

The mainstream bridal dresses present gorgeousness and retro. The dreamlike lavender make brides so romantic. The beautiful race interprets sex appeal and elegance. Unlike that fashionable clothing vary every year with the alternation of the seasons, the style and the detail of bridal gowns vary each year relatively slowly, precisely and always aesthetically. Wedding gowns need a stately and implicit beauty. This year the romance is still a big theme of wedding dresses. Whether traditional or modern series wedding gowns, the luxury models or simple models are surrounded with romance.

Trend 1: Easy to Complex

The trend is just like a circle, neat lines and simple style bridal gowns, which are popular a few years ago, fade away this year. The mainstream style of bridal gowns 2011 has returned back to complex and retro style from simple style. Some retro-elements-added traditional gorgeous styles enjoy high favor among the people. Among them the biggest change is introducing the decorative elements, which are often used in design of fashionable dresses, such as lace, hand embroidery patterns, beaded, crystal, fold, bowknot, flowers and graceful lines, which endow the wedding dresses 2010 and 2011 with nostalgic beauty.

Trend 2: White is no longer the only color

Of course, white is forever the popular color of the bridal dresses, however increasingly no longer the only choice for bride. Some light elegant colors, such as beige, off-white, ivory, champagne, light blue, also become the popular series colors of the bridal gowns. For the selection of bridal gowns, champagne wedding dresses make the bride of black hair look more refined and elegant; light blue or pink wedding gowns make fair-skinned bride look more lively and moving. In addition, for the design of the bridal dresses, the designers have broken through the concept of white gauze and added other colors and decorative embellishment to make wedding dresses styles more diverse and multi-level.

Trend 3: Accessories back to minimalism

Wedding gowns accessories mainly contain headdresses, necklace and earrings. A pair of exquisite earrings, a diamond necklace of simple lines, and even a small carved diamond barrette is enough to match the perfect bridal gowns. This minimal combination assembles not only the cheap wedding gowns, but also reveal retro and gorgeousness.